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Prophetic Word for 2021

On Sunday January 3rd at 4:52am, as I was anticipating the voice of God, I’m hearing the movement of heaven, there is a glorious sound of triumph that is awaiting the Kingdom of God. The heartbeat of heaven has become the pulse and  the of  movement of the Kingdom of God.  The years behind us must not impair the seasons ahead of you. There is a greater, unique harvest that is coming to you. The old tools cannot harvest this new crop. For In this season the bride and  body of Christ must prepare for what is about to come, The travail and the pain of prayer has hastened  the course of  this birthing. There are many seeds the hath died; therefore there must be a greater fruit to come. Never has the Kingdom of God seen the glory that is coming upon her. Your subscriptions to the old must be torn up for it has been done away in a current of  my redemption. New patterns, new plans a different process will be the course of the Kingdom of God. Brace your hearts brothers and sisters for more, brace yourselves for the greater. I have broken  old systems and foundation apart that you might once again build your hope upon the things that are eternal. Who knowing the seasons  does not also know the fruit of that time. Who not knowing the path, also does not know the directions, and yet you have loss both, you have loss  your path and your direction. The Lord Says “go back and find the old way not the old that relates to a tradition; but the former heart of your passion. Find what made you first turn your hearts to me. Then were your ears opened and sensitive to me. It was there that your love and your passion for my presence became the all of your existences. The Lord says, I take you back to all that caused you to cry yes, yes was your key to unlocking doors of an obedient walk, it was yes that saw the days of the miraculous unfolding right before your eyes. You have been so close to me but yet so far away from me. Create altars and make sacrifices upon them and I will accept your offering and visit you with the dew of this season. Yes the latter rain and the former rain shall come upon you, yes it shall fall both upon you in one season. I am still The Lord thy God that healeth thee; whether in this world or in the world to come. I your God have kept all of my promises to heal. Stay close and live, stay close and live. That which hast remained in this season will grow. Many doors have closed and many voices hath become silent yet that which has remain shall remain. I am raising up different voices in this season sons and daughter whose voices are as the  pattern of Jacob coat that bear many colors. Pray through saith The Lord, pray through. Let not your heart be troubled, Let not your hearts be troubled, ye believe in God, believe also in me, the Christ, the keeper of your souls.

+Carrington E. Morgan, Jr.

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