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Beth-El Churches of Christ

The Right Reverend J. L. Jackson
Interim Adjutant Bishop

The Holy Convocation Missive 2023
Location: Baltimore, Maryland

Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We greet you in the precious Name of Jesus and wish for you every good thing, coupled with long life
and health.


October 25-27, 2023 will mark the Holy Convocation of our covenant in Christ. We will meet again in
Baltimore, Maryland. The Convocation will open on Wednesday Morning with Prayer and then will conclude with the historic Apostolic Inauguration on Friday Evening. This High Service is in celebration of the recent re-election of The Most Reverend Richard Jerome Pender, Sr. as Presiding Bishop of this Zion. You should register upon arriving to the Convocation, if you haven't already done so. Early Registration is open and can be
completed by going to

As in years past, this year's Holy Convocation Business Attire and Church Attire will be utilized by our
tiers of ministry during the majority of the convocation. (Click here for Dress Code and schedule)
All tiers of ministry are expected to be in Church Dress Attire for our evening services, in Civic Attire
on Friday for General Assembly and in Choir Dress for the Service of Apostolic Inauguration.


Please try to remember to wear black shoes and socks/stockings with your vestments. Shoes must not be
two-tone but of one color. We will be photographed, as well as videographed, and it is the desire of the
convocation staff that all of us appear as we should in the uniform of our trade.

For those who are unfamiliar with our form of convocation, the Beth-El Churches are an orderly, precise,
and deliberate assembly who practices celebration to the highest. We also practice the highest code of
good manners and breeding. We respect each other in public and in private. We keep our voices at a
reasonable tone, and we maintain a formal conduct among ourselves especially in the presence of the
observing public.

Our prayer is that we all will experience a wonderful Holy Convocation and that you will endeavor to
experience the Glory of God!


Until we meet in Baltimore, “May the Grace of God and the Communion provided by the Holy Spirit be
with you and yours; Amen.”

                                   In His Service I Remain,

                                  Right Reverend J. L. Jackson
                                   Adjutant Bishop

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