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On March 18, 1947, Robert Evans, Jr. was born in Manning, South Carolina. When he was five years old, his family relocated to Baltimore, Maryland. It was here that Robert began his matriculation through the Baltimore City public School System. As a young student at the Booker T. Washington Junior High School, Robert was known for his "varied gifts and talents." Even at that early age, his leadership abilities were being formed. Robert graduated from Baltimore City College High School. He was accepted into the world-renowned Peabody Conservatory of Music, because of his musical giftedness.

In 1967, Robert heard and heeded the Lord's call to ministry. While establishing himself as a minister he met his sweetheart, Wahseeola Gross. On October 2, 1971, they were joined in marriage and she became not only his wife, but his friend, confidante and partner in ministry. Within three short months, this man of destiny and purpose would experience another event that would change his life and affect the destiny of thousands. When his predecessor, Overseer Rubin Robinson, went home to be with the Lord, Minister Evans was ordained as Elder and installed as pastor of the Highway Church of Christ in January of 1972.


He knew that it was required of him to study to show himself approved unto God, as a workman who had no cause to be ashamed, one who could correctly analyze, accurately handle, and skillfully teach the Word of God. For this reason, he enrolled in the Baltimore School of the Bible and the Howard University School of Divinity in Washington, D.C.

Before he heeded the call to full-time ministry, Elder Evans found employment in the Income Tax Division of the State of Maryland. His love for young people led him to become a teacher in the Baltimore City Public School System for over ten years.


In response to twenty-five years of committed and loyal service, in 1986, the Highway Churches of Christ consecrated Elder Evans, to the sacred office of Bishop.


In 1988, a new mandate from God instructed Bishop Evans, to organize the Beth-.El Churches of Christ, Inc. Under Bishop's leader- ship, the Beth-El Churches experienced consistent and rapid growth through the birthing and planting of new churches throughout the United States.

In 1984, Bishop was invested with the "spirit of an apostle. " The fruit of his calling resulted in the formation of the End-Time World Christian Fellowship Association. Through this vision, pastoral leadership from all denominations, reformations, and organizations were brought together to address one of God's primary concerns and the sentiment of Jesus' last prayer ...that the walls of division would be removed and there would be unity and fellowship among His people, so that they would become ONE! Only the gentle, kind, and "magnetic" personality of the Apostle could make useless traditions crumble, hard-heartedness concede, and bitterness be reconciled.

God allowed Apostle Evans, a man of "varied" gifts, to continue in his ministry of music. As a recording artist, composer, "musician extraordinaire," the Apostle is associated with such anointed projects as, "Old Story" and "He's Everything to Me" (Savoy), "Secret Closet" and "Christ is Coming Back" (Sweet Rain). 


On Saturday, March 13, 2000, God called our Apostle back to Himself...Apostle Robert Evans, Jr., DD, Chief Apostle of the End-Time World Christian Fellowship Association, Presiding Prelate of the Beth-El Churches of Christ, Inc., Senior Pastor of the Beth-El Temple Church of Christ, inc.

Our lives have been forever changed because we lived in the presence of one of God's choicest gifts. For this we say, "Thank You, Lord."

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