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First Episcopal Diocese

Bishop Richard J. Pender, Sr.
Presiding Prelate

Bishop Kevin Daniels.jpg

Second Episcopal Diocese

Bishop Kevin Daniels, Ed.D.


  • Beth-El Temple Church of Christ
    Bishop Richard J. Pender, Sr., Pastor

  • St. Martin’s Church of Christ
    Bishop Kevin Daniels, Ed.D., Pastor

  • Emmanuel Worship and Deliverance Center
    Bishop James B. and Bishop Cheryl R. Smith

Bishop Michael D. Chapman, Sr_

Third Episcopal Diocese

Bishop Michael D. Chapman, Sr.


  • Word Alive Christian Cathedral Inc.
    Bishop Michael Dean Chapman Sr., Founder and Pastor

  • Masterpiece Community Connections Ministries
    Pastor Erica Stanley, Founder and Pastor

  • Faith, Hope and Love Inspiration Ministries
    Pastor Corey J. Richo, Founder and Pastor

Covenant Pastors

  • For Life Ministries
    Pastor Jamie Gilmore
    Baltimore, Maryland

  • New Hope Restoration Ministries
    Pastor M. Rena Anderson, Founder and Pastor
    Chesterfield, Virginia

Bishop James Smith Photo.jpeg

Fourth Episcopal Diocese

Bishop James B. Smith, Ph.D.



  • Rehoboth Deliverance Worship Center
    Pastor Kenneth Roger Ely​

  • Visions International​
    Elder Heidi Ivey​​


Covenant Pastors

  • Abundant Life Deliverance Temple
    Pastor Clarence Powell


  • The Berachah Church
    Pastor Keith Magee

Bishop Danny Evans

Fifth Episcopal Diocese

Bishop Danny Evans

Bishop Carolyn Slade, Coadjutor


  • Temple of Grace Ministries
    Bishop Danny Evans, Senior Pastor


  • New Life Restoration Temple
    Pastor Joe Davis, Pastor

Six Episcopal Diocese

Bishop Carolyn Slade

North Carolina

  • Greater St. Stephen’s Church
    Bishop Carolyn Slade

    Elder Demetrius Slade, Pastor

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